Shoemakersville to amend water agreement with Perry

Shoemakersville Borough Council agreed to amend a water agreement with the Perry Township Municipal Authority which would allow the redistribution of about 9,000 gallons of water per day to the proposed Hamburg Logistics Park on May 7.

The original agreement called for 85,000 gallons of water per day to be provided for three developments in the township, according to borough solicitor Keith Mooney.

“(Council) can’t just give it to Key (Development),” Mooney said. “In the original agreement water was specifically allocated to specific locations.

“Only about 76,000 gallons are used (per day).”


The site of the proposed 165-acre warehousing and distribution facility includes the Perry Golf Course plus two adjacent properties which would make up three warehouse distribution centers on Route 61 and Zions Church Road.

“This water agreement is a big deal to us,” James J. Clymer, managing partner for the Key Development Group, West Chester, said.

In related news, council approved a professional service agreement with its engineer for a PennWorks grant application for the borough and the authority.

The proposed logistics park would help the borough to qualify for the grant by creating and maintaining jobs, according to engineer Brad Smith.

“The water grant is dependent on (the logistics park) and the sewer grant would be diminished with only one industry (Wolfe Dye & Bleach), not two,” Smith said.

A highlight of the grant is that a 25 percent local match is need and not the customary 50 percent, according to Smith.

In other news, council empowered Mooney to file a petition to appoint Paul Gruber to council.

A petition was required because the length of time in which the vacancy existed exceeded the allowable time, according to Mooney.

“It’s up to the judge,” Mooney said. “He may sign it. He may have a hearing. I have never had to go through this process.

“It’s out of council’s hands.”

In related news, councilman Frank Yost informed the audience that all council seats will be open in the next election.

“It’s up to the residents, to serve or to write people in,” Yost said. “If your unhappy (with council) you can change it. Council determines the future of Shoey.”

The next council meeting is Tuesday, June 4 at 7 p.m. at St. Luke’s Church.