Local rockers Headstone 118 perform in Lebanon

Local band Headstone 118 gets their groove on by spreading the good word. Headstone 118 is made up of members Jeremy Rohrbach, of Reading, Mark Lackman, of Mohnton, and Bill Bilks, of Douglassville.

Headstone 118 was formed in 2000 with members Rohrbach, guitar, vocals, and Lackman, drums and vocals. Dilks joined the band in 2007, playing bass and Moog Taurus Pedals.

Musically, the band describes their sound as having a hard edge and blusey rock sound. While they may be rockers, the lyrics support the groups spiritually based morals. The band has two CDs out; one recorded in 2007 and one recorded last year, entitled Left Behind. Left Behind will be re-released by tape in July. Their music can be found on iTunes and the bands website.

What got Rohrbach interested in music? Girls! he said. Ive been playing guitar since I was nine. My parents encouraged me to play, he said, I took lessons for years.


The band performs shows for all ages. Our biggest fan is probably my seven year old son, said Rohrbach. People come to see us that are our age and they bring their teenagers. Headstone 118 is musically friendly for all ages. Weve even played in old folks home, the guitarist said.

Headstone 118 can be found performing locally on a regular basis. We like to spread the good word, said Rohrbach. The band loves to perform, and have their sites set on making a career out of the music they produce.

So far this year, Rohrbach states their favorite show has been at the Solid Rock Cafe, Lebanon. They were very supportive. We had a good time... really got into it.

Headstone 118 will be having an event 7 - 9 p.m. May 18at the Legends Caf, Lebanon.