Fagleysville Road crash leaves Jeep overturned

NEW HANOVER — A one-vehicle rollover crash sent a woman to the hospital late Monday afternoon.

According to emergency personnel at the scene, the female driver lost control of her white Jeep Grand Cherokee and traveled up a steep embankment on the west side of Fagleysville Road before flipping over.

It appeared as if the vehicle was driving north.

The woman was not trapped in her vehicle and didn’t appear to have serious injuries.


“She self extricated,” said New Hanover Fire Chief Phil Agliano.

According to police, she was taken to Pottstown Memorial Medical Center.

Broken glass littered the stone of a runoff area on the road’s west side. Smeared mud on the embankment could also be visible where the Jeep presumably contacted it.

Fagleysville Road was closed by fire police for roughly an hour between St. Victoria Drive and the split with Colonial Road.

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