Sharing isn't always needed for there to be caring

Huey doing one of the things he loves best.
Huey doing one of the things he loves best.

I donít know what itís like for other cat owners, but for some reason, I end up with the least amount of space on the bed all because of one cat that should not be take up that amount of space.

Huey is far from the first cat that I have had that enjoys sleeping with me. When I was younger , we had three cats Damien (who avoided me), Hobbes (who liked to roam around at night) and Brenna (who insisted on sleeping on my pillow).

At the same time I had a golden retriever named Zachariah who slept with his head on a silk pillow and shared the covers on the twin sized bed. He and I never had the same problems that I have with Huey.

Then there was Cleo who for the most part stayed on her bed on the corner of mine except for the few times she wanted to curl up on my lower back and left me with pain that I was far to young to experience.


That leaves the three now. Nala, who cannot stand to be in the same room as me but, used to sleep as close to my face as possible.

Duke enjoys walking across me during the night as he patrols the house for who knows what.

The problem is with Huey. Iím not sure which is worse, him banging on closet doors all night just about every hour or him pushing me off my own bed and hogging the covers.

He is bigger than most cats, but it should be impossible for him to take up as much space as he does.

The night starts with him jumping up and settling near my legs, sometimes even actually on my foot. We have a few nights where he gets a wild look in his eyes and enjoys pouncing rather roughly onto my feet as I move, but thankfully that is not too common.

Then he gets annoyed as I try to find a comfortable position. Most of the time he enjoys laying as close to whatever part of me he happens to be near and leans up against me. This is how I think it starts.

Throughout the night he spreads out more and more across the bed as I either get closer and closer to the wall or to the edge of the bed depending on what mood heís in apparently.

Usually, I wake up at some point (even on nights he doesnít go to the closet doors) since I tend to have very little of the covers because Huey apparently needs all of them.

Now, while this can be annoying, he is pretty darn cute as he curls up and sleeps without finding trouble. And then of course he wants to cuddle for hours in the morning.

Iíve come to conclude that ďsharing is caring,Ē but so is taking up the whole bed since itís easy to tell that he does appreciate me, at least most of the time.

Shea Singley is the Editor of the Hamburg Item.