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KMS class knits Caps for a Cure

By Roxanne Richardson, For 21st Century Media

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kutztown Middle schoolers have been knitting Caps For a Cure.
The goal was to sell $100 worth of caps then donate 100 caps to the American Cancer Society and to the Knitting Guild at the Reading Hospital for cancer patients.
Kutztown Middle School students knitted and raised almost $250. With only weeks left of school, the students continue to nimbly knit hat after colorful hat.
Kylie Balthaser likes “Just knowing that it’s going to a good cause and for people that have cancer with what they’re going through so they actually have something and they know that people are thinking about them and actually doing stuff for them.”
“My aunt has cancer,” said Alyssa McLean. “She appreciates it (kids making caps) because she and my uncle both have it. I gave them two caps.”
Arabel Elliott, group instructor, was really excited at how many kids had signed up for the elective class.
“The kids all came motivated; that was pretty cool. The looms we had gotten made it easier and that was because of the school; they were willing to invest in that. We’re very grateful to Mr. Brown who’s been very supportive of the program as well as Mrs. Patten and Mr. Werstler.”
Amy Patten, seventh grade ancient history teacher, went out on maternity leave and Josh Werstler, seventh grade teacher, is filling in for her.
Although it was a challenge for some to learn how to knit, it didn’t take long. After a few mistakes and needing to start over again, the hats began to pile up.
“We made probably closer to 70 caps by now and we have sold so many that we don’t have as many as we thought we would have to donate. We now have 30 caps to donate, but we’ve made almost $250 so it’s very exciting,” said Elliott.
KMS student Gretta Bankes said it was a very fun elective because she could help people and have fun.
“I always wanted to know how to help people with cancer, but you never really know how so when I heard this was an opportunity, I really wanted to take it,” said Bankes.
In addition to making the caps as an elective, the kids formed a Relay For Life Team and will be joining the walk on May 31 and June 1 at the Kutztown Relay for Life event held at Kutztown University.
Anyone who wants to contribute a hat can contact the Friends Knitting Guild at the Reading Hospital at 484-628-4077 or email There are specific yarns recommended because of sensitivity to materials.