To the winners go ‘the slime' at Edgewood Elementary School

Students read over 137,000 pages of material at home after school hours.

Hard to imagine that so much energy and enthusiasm could be put into a competition that has as its prize having gooey, green slime poured all over you while you are sitting in front of 300 smiling and laughing elementary students; but when it comes to encouraging students to read, elementary principals Matt Moyer and Calista Boyer will do just about anything to foster an interest in reading.

Moyer and Boyer used the recent Families and Reading Month to set up a competition between Rupert and Edgewood Elementary Schools. The challenge was to see which group of students could read the most book pages at home. Students completed daily reading logs which were verified by their parents. The results saw Edgewood the clear winner with 104,363 pages while Rupert students read 35,298 pages.

“It was a lot of fun to compete against Edgewood in our reading challenge,” Moyer said. “It was great to see the excitement all the children had about reading and turning in their reading calendars. I congratulate Edgewood and thank Mrs. Boyer for being such a good sport about getting slimed.”

Boyer, who is no stranger to creative and imaginative ways of encouraging students to reading, has “kissed a pig,” “been made into a human ice cream sundae,” and can now add to her list “being slimed.”

“I am happy to create incentives that encourage students to develop good reading habits. I would happily be slimed every day of the week if it meant that our youngsters became consistent and persistent readers for education and recreation,” said Mrs. Boyer.

In front of the entire Edgewood student body, Mrs. Boyer received her prize by being slimed with a special concoction made courtesy of Mr. Moyer.