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Letter to the Editor: Brandywine Heights Superintendent, School Board should hang their heads in shame

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dear Editor;
Please publish in the Kutztown Patriot as a letter to editor on Thursday. Thank you
Dr. Handler---
I think it is ironic that the last thing quoted in the newspapers is you saying “At least have the guts to stand up for what you did.” Well, you have the guts to tell the public what you did. You allowed a presentation that was not on the agenda. You felt it right that SOS got to present, when you knew full well there was nothing paraprofessionals could do to defend themselves. We couldn’t go back...and reconsider our vote (not that we wanted to). But, admit to the public, I challenge you, to have the guts to tell the public what you and the school board did. It is disgraceful. And, you are leaving and the taxpayers of Brandywine will pay for this decision as we are for Mr. Gilly’s, a former superintendent who wanted to make a name for himself in Brandywine history, did and stuck us with a high school that has been nothing but problems.
To you, Dr. Handler and the Board, I say hang your heads in shame.
Carol S. Bortz
President, Brandywine Heights Education Support Professional Association