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Brandywine approves tax increase, 3 percent raise for administration

By Lisa Mitchell, The Kutztown Area Patriot

Friday, June 21, 2013

Brandywine Heights School Board of the Area School District unanimously passed the final 2013-14 general fund budget on June 3 with a tax increase and a 3 percent raise for administration.
Nancy Krauss, Business Manager, Brandywine Heights Area School District, noted that the budget included a total revenue of $29,591,206 and total expenditures of $29,791,204. To balance the budget the board approved the planned use of fund balance of $200,000.
The final budget also included a tax increase of 1.05 mills from 31.25 to 32.30, according to Krauss.
“There were 7.7 teaching positions and 5 para-professional/aide positions cut during the budget process,” she said.
From preliminary adoption on Feb. 4 through final adoption on June 3, Krauss said the revenue was increased $285,000 and expenditures decreased $1,380,000. See the summary of changes below, provided by Krauss.
Preliminary Revenue Budget Approved February 4, 2013$29,294,835
Revenue Changes:
State Revenue changes based on Governor’s Budget: 159,283
Adjustments to Projected Local Revenues: (5,167)
Increased Fees for Athletics and Facility Use: 24,466
Adjusted State Revenue for Soc. Sec. & Retire: (50,089)
Real Estate Tax Incresed - Greater use of Retirement Exception: 169,690
Reduction of IDEA Federal Funds passed thru BCIU: (9,480)
Increased ACCESS Funds: 7,668
Total Changes to Revenue: 296,371
Final Revenue Budget for Approved June 3, 2013: 29,591,206
Preliminary Expenditure Budget Approved February 4, 2013: 31,170,864
Expenditure Changes:
Staffing Reductions - Wages & Benefits: (803,062)
Technology Plan Revised to phase in 1-to-1: (143,030)
Curriculum/Instruction & Building Instruction Budgets Reduced: (41,753)
Operations & Maintenance Plan Revised, Projects Deferred: (288,500)
Removed Addition of Contracted School Resource Officer: (31,520)
Reductions in Tuition to Other Schools: (49,800)
Reductions to Utilities Budget: (15,000)
Reductions to Student Transportation: (18,343)
Net All Other Changes: 11,348
Total Changes to Expenditures: (1,379,660)
Final Expenditure Budget for Approved June 3, 2013: 29,791,204
Planned Use of Fund Balance: (199,998
All the budget presentations and forms are on the district website on the school board-budget page.