A farewell from the Editor

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To our readers,

Beginning Monday, the Tri County Record will transition from my hands into the capable hands of the young and talented Matthew D’Ippolito. It has been almost three years since I came on board as the ‘chief’, and I have learned so very much in my time here – not only about news, but about this amazing readership area.

When my predecessor, Jake Speicher, was training me to take on the job, I remember that he gave me one very crucial piece of advice about the readership: “all you have to do is ask; the people around here are really nice”. That will be the first things that I will tell the new editor as he begins to settle in, because you, our readers, have always been gracious, patient, caring, fun and understanding. As you well know, a newspaper is merely a reflection of the faces of those people it serves, and this is an amazing area filled with great people who work hard, love their families and their community. I will always say to anyone who should ask that the Tri County region is a place that you would be proud to call home.

In my time here I have had the pleasure of working alongside many great professionals and residents. There are far too many to thank individually, but you assuredly know who you are as you read this – and I wanted to offer a heartfelt thanks for your contributions to the Tri County Record. Next week, several of you will be contacted by the new editor, and I know that he will be in great hands as he moves forward with his acclimation to the paper with each of you providing input.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the invaluable help I have received from my friends and co-workers Debbie Kingsbury and John Varady. Although we will be occasionally crossing paths as I begin my new job, I will miss working out of the same office together.


Additional thanks go out to the wonderful correspondents and columnists who played a key role in providing articles to the Tri County Record – chiefly Davina Weinhold, Tory Lingg, Carol Quaintance, Brenda Maguire, Esther Prosser, Jere Brady, Tom Tatum, Brett Swailes, Chris Papst and the many others who have offered occasional contributions.

Although I have titled this as ‘a farewell’, it is in truth more of a ‘see you later’, as I will remain somewhat close by to the area and always look for an opportunity to return and visit with my friends and family. When that happens I will beam with a bit of pride as I point out the landmarks, institutions, and businesses I came to know in my time here.

Thank You,

Justin Finneran

Editor, Tri County Record

P.S. Yes, Mel, I will miss you too my friend!