Tammy Tattles Movie Review: Man of Steel returns to the big screen


Heís back. And just when Iíve been missing him. Clark Kent/Kal-El makes his appearance in the new hit movie Man of Steel. Actor Henry Cavill, makes the perfect specimen with his rugged good looks and manly attributes. And of course, he can wear the suit and still retain a measure of respect.

Thanks to his fatherís urging, 33 year old Clark Kent has been hiding his uniqueness all of his life. Afraid of the rejection that will surely come his way, Clark is trying to deal with his powers and his inability to fit in. But after his adopted fatherís death, Clark realizes that he could have saved his dad from a killer twister, having held fast to the belief that he needed to remain in the shadows.

But now that has changed. Clarkís mission to find out who he was comes to fulfillment. The only problem, Lois Lane is now a witness to his identity and now hot on his trail. The feisty reporter has an appetite for the truth and perhaps a tad of a crush on the man in blue.

But as earth is threatened by General Zod and his cronies, Clark must step out of the shadows and face down the evil that has come to destroy humanity.


MAN OF STEEL was an enjoyable flick. The only problem my son, age 9, who wasnít familiar with the other superman movies, missed out on the part of baby Clarkís arrival on earth and how his adopted parents found him. True it is later explained in the movie, but the visual image would have been better. Lois Lane was also missing a bit of sensuality. The chemistry between Lois and Clark approached on stale. But all an all a good summer flick. True Superman fans of any age will enjoy this remake and hopefully the man in blue will gain more devotees in the future.

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