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Unbiehlievable by Larry Biehl: Gun Control – We need More Laws

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The biggest problem with laws related to firearms is that they are written by lawyers. Many of these ordinances, regulations and laws, at all levels of government, are verbose and are subject to legal interpretation. Based on that interpretation, the individual in possession of a firearm may not think that he/she is breaking the law.
There is nothing more inane than a law that states it is illegal to possess a firearm within 1,000 yards of a public school. Any law abiding citizen with a concealed weapons permit that carries a gun in his/her automobile is breaking the law every day when they pick up their kids after school.
One year prior to the heinous murders at Virginia Tech, the campus was declared a gun-free zone. That law prevented nothing, however it made the touchy-feely Liberals of academia burst with pride as they showed the parents that their children were now safer on campus.
Passing laws after an unpreventable crime is a favorite ploy of politicians to falsely show concern for their constituents. In the case of gun crimes, Liberals always approach the problem with the cry for even more useless legislation. After the school massacre in Connecticut, there was a rush to enact laws banning “high-capacity” firearm magazines. This was supposed to prevent future atrocities such as the one that had just occurred. A crazed gunman with a six-shot revolver could have killed almost as many people as the Connecticut killer.
Statistics prove that gun crime/violence is more prevalent in cities where private gun ownership is restricted or banned. Maybe the “bad guys” aren’t as dumb as some of the legislators.
The cry for more gun-control is no more to prevent crime than to destroy the Second Amendment to our Constitution. Liberals will stop at nothing, including breaking existing laws, to advance their anti-gun agenda. It is well known that both our current regime and the even more corrupt Mexican government state that the Mexican drug cartels obtain their weapons from illegal gun dealers in the U.S.
To bolster that accusation, the federal government’s ‘Fast and Furious’ gun running scheme was initiated. That stupid scheme allowed “straw” purchasers to obtain automatic weapons from legitimate gun dealers in Arizona in order to sell them to the drug dealers. The problem was that the government “lost” track of many of those weapons. One U.S. border agent was killed as a result of that botched scheme along with scores of Mexican citizens.
Naturally our beloved C-I-C and Attorney General Eric Holder denied any knowledge of the operation. Under Congressional investigation, sources proved that Holder received general briefings on the operation. The regime withheld subpoenaed documents for more than eight months. And in a historically unprecedented maneuver Obama claimed executive privilege to justify the stonewalling. As Obama once stated, “sometimes I feel that I could do a better job as President if I wouldn’t have to deal with Congress.”
Seems I remember another world leader who said he could do a better job without the Reichstag.
Larry Biehl lives in Perry Township.