Pro wrestling returned to Hamburg much to the delight of the crowd

Item photo by Shea Singley
Hamburg's Ed House takes to the air during the main event match.
Item photo by Shea Singley Hamburg's Ed House takes to the air during the main event match.

Wrestling fans once again had the chance to cheer on their favorites and jeer the heels as Hamburg Field House hosted the Tenth Annual Summer Extravaganza on June 29.

Fans of all ages filled the seats around the ring and spots on the bleachers to see live professional wrestling at the historic location. Dressed in shirts of their favorites and a few with signs to cheer on their wrestlers, the audience was bigger than the last event.

The special cross-promotional event featured wrestlers from Atomic Championship Wrestling, Lancaster Championship Wrestling and World Professional Wrestling.

This event featured World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) alumni Tito Santana, Nikolai Volkoff and ‘The Franchise’ Shane Douglas who all won their matches for the afternoon much to the crowd’s delight.


Hamburg’s own Ed House was in the main event against Eddie Valentine. The Hamburg crowd cheered on their hometown wrestler and House interacted with his fans throughout the match.

“And I thought my tights were small,” said House at the beginning of his match after Valentine claimed to be the best wrestler in Hamburg, which received a laugh from the crowd.

The match went outside of the ring and into the seats with eager fans crowding around the action and one young fan even offered a chair for House to use.

House beat Valentine and the younger fans circled around him as he exited the arena sharing high fives and offering congratulations.

Another group of wrestlers who had a cheering section in the audience was the team of Jimmy Konway and Luca Brazzi, known as South Philly’s Finest, who were defeated by the team of Eric Corvis and Nicholas Kaye, known as New Reality, who were accompanied to the ring by WPW owner Shannon Hunter. Fans in South Philly’s Finest shirts cheered for the team as they had many close wins and applauded their determination after the loss.

“I really like how the wrestlers interact with the crowd,” commented a fan after Corvis and Kaye exchanged words with young fans after their win.

One of the other highlights for the younger fans was when the Red Scorpion defeated Adrian Bliss as he defended his LCW Heavyweight Championship. After his win, he brought out his “little friend” which was a scorpion and caused the children to run up close to the ring to see the animal.

The match between Bill Bain and ‘The Franchise’ Shane Douglas also entered the crowd and took out a few rows of seats around the ring and ended up in the upper rows of the bleachers. After Douglas defeated Bain, he reminisced about the history of Hamburg Field House and mentioned his fellow WWF hall of famers Santana and Volkoff.

“This building is special to me,” said Douglas as he listed his own memories.

The crowd created some of their own memories as they were able to purchase merchandise, get autographs and pose for pictures with their favorite wrestlers. Fans were very vocal during the matches and appeared were excited to interact with the wrestlers throughout the event.

Results for the afternoon: WPW match Tito Santana defeated Chris Wylde who was accompanied by Professor Alpha, LCW match Amos Stoltzfus accompanied by Esther Stoltzfus defeated James Dempsey, ACW match Twisted Tate won the three-way elimination, ACW match Nikolai Volkoff defeated Scotty Jefferys, WPW match New Reality defeated South Philly’s Finest, LCW match Shane Douglas defeated Bill Bain, ACW match Ox Hogg defeated High Voltage, LCW match Red Scorpion defeated Adrian Bliss, and WPW match Ed House defeated Eddie Valentine.