Cancer Exercise Specialist Now Available at Boyertown Area YMCA

The American Cancer Society states that there are many benefits to exercising during and after cancer treatment. One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation is fatigue - a form of tiredness that doesn’t get better with rest. This in turn can cause muscle atrophy and reduced range of motion. Beginning an exercise program can break this cycle and help patients to carry out normal daily activities while in treatment.

The American Cancer Society also states that there is increased evidence that being overweight or obese raises the risk of recurrence of many cancers. Improving your overall health and nutrition can help you stay healthy for life. Mike Kaiser, Fitness Center Coordinator at the Boyertown Area YMCA and Nationally Certified Personal Trainer recently earned a Cancer Exercise Specialist Certification.

Kaiser will work with you to develop an exercise plan which will improve your overall level of fitness, which in turn will help to increase your stamina, improve your treatment tolerance, and reduce pain. For more information contact Mike Kaiser at 610-369-9622, or email him at