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The BIG SHOT: Girl Scout Troop 1489

Sunday, July 7, 2013

This week’s BIG SHOT is of Girl Scout Troop 1489. Scouts Morgan Addy, Josephine Burry, Emma Burry, Rowan Beaton, Gina Coccia, Mia Deye, Hannah Dinsdale, Courtney Kupp, Kate Hafer, Mya Saleneck, Helen Lahmann-Metcalfe and Tara Orlando just earned their Bronze Awards.
For the award, they completed 20 hours each of community research, in-the-field analysis of what they could do to improve their surround area. They selected Rustic Park at the dead-end side of Old Route 82 (Haycreek Road). The girls picked up trash and connected with local businesses to fund signs that they installed themselves. The signs remind dogs owners to clean up after their pets, and the girls recycled plastic jars and loaded them with recycled shopping plastic bags for dog owner use. They also painted and installed signs to mark the area of the road that is washed out and has caused injury to those not paying attention or not familiar with the area.