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Municipal Report: Web site up in the air in East Nantmeal

By Tory Lingg, For 21st Century Media

Monday, July 8, 2013

The creation of a viable website has been a concern in East Nantmeal for several months.
Supervisor Bill Cochrane said he has been looking for a solution but he has not been successful. He had nothing worthwhile to report. He suggested they “reshuffle the deck” and start over again.
“It hasn’t worked out,” he said. “I have been trying to get it done. I have spent a lot of time but have little money to work with.”
Chairman Jim Jenkins asked Ed Bacon, a member of the planning commission, to be the “point-man.” He was asked to solicit proposals, evaluate them and make recommendations.
“You would be a good person to do it,” Jenkins said.
Because of the problems related to workman’s compensation through insurance, fire police from the Ludwig’s Corner Fire Department would not be allowed to provide services in East Nantmeal Township unless an agreement is signed, said Dick Hahn, representing the fire department. Without an agreement, such affairs as yard sales, bike races and celebrations at Welkinweir would be forced to go on without Fire Police.
Jenkins said he understands smoke inhalation may cause cancer, cardiovascular and lung diseases. Insurance carriers are concerned about potential problems and costs.
Hahn said everything needs a paper trail. Everything is insurance-driven now.
“We almost took it for granted we were free to go to another place until we found out about this,” he said.
Philips Brothers electric will change plans for lighting its building to make certain the company is in accordance with a legal agreement requiring their lighting remain focused on their property and not spill over onto neighboring lots, said Township Attorney Tom Oeste.
Philips Brothers has been bound to an agreement determined by a lawsuit by several neighboring residents to keep their property within certain standards. Oeste said they want the lighting accurate. Grading is prohibited within 10 feet of the property line.
Jenkins added that John Philips would work on the lighting directed on the American Flag, which has not been adequate due to poorly functioning solar power to the lights. Trish St. George and Allison Malamo pointed to the issue, which has not been satisfactorily repaired to date.
Road bids were opened and read. The section of James Mill Road in East Nantmeal will be tarred and chipped in conjunction with paving work on the same road in Warwick Township. Parts of Nantmeal Road will be paved.
Easements have been purchased to preserve the 91 acre farm along Route 401 belonging to Ray Nestorick and family. A special presentation had been arranged for the Nestoricks with the Chester County Commissioners and Bill Gladden from the Chester County Land Preservation Committee in March. The French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust participated in the agreement.
A farm store is located off of Route 401 just east of the Nestorick farm. Fresh eggs, meat and soap are for sale. The Nestoricks raise Belted Galloway and Scottish Highland cattle among other breeds.
A donation of $5000 was made to the Elverson Emergency Services towards the purchase of a second ambulance.
The final land development plans for the Sewage Treatment System for Camphill- Soltane were approved with conditions. The conditions are compliance with the requirements and recommendations of correspondence with LTL Consultants, Ltd., Township Engineers, dated March 4, and an agreement to repair Nantmeal Road as necessary if there is damage from construction vehicles.