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Archery club's new bear target revealed

By David Barr, For 21st Century Media

Friday, July 12, 2013

The art of archery is alive with South Birdsboro Archery, Rod, and Gun Club. The club held their monthly 3D archery target shoot Sunday, July 7, where more than 60 shooters came out to participate. The participation for the July shoot more than doubled the total number of shooters for June.
For the June shoot, the club’s course went in reverse in a clockwise direction. For July, the course started at the club’s pond with their alligator target and went in a counter clock-wise direction. The course finished with a whitetail deer double shot off the 20-foot platform out in front of the clubhouse, with one deer at seven yards and the other at 30 yards.
The club had a new addition to its target collection for this month, a Rinehart cinnamon bear target, to complement the six deer, two bears, three sheep, two big cats, two turkeys, and various other big game and varmint animal targets that were used for the shoot.
Club president Rodney Kennedy was happy for the entire archery committee after seeing the turnout the club had and all the hard work they had put into preparing the club for the shoot. “They’ve worked so hard. When you have a good turnout, everybody’s happy,” he said.
Kennedy also remarked how many people complemented the clear trails that marked the course.
“It really helps him out when people shake his hand and say ‘nice course’, Kennedy said of archery director Larry Barr, who took it upon himself to weedwack, cut, and clear the trails for the shoot.
“I hate sticker ,” Barr said as to why he goes to such lengths to maintain the trails.
Jake and Doug Kaylor had nice things to say about the club and its layout.
“The lanes were great,” Jake said.
“The trails are awesome. I miss the old running deer,” Doug said.
Not only were the trails clear, but the actual shots and different situations themselves were complimented, as well.
“It’s a beautiful course. Nice variety of distances and animals. Nice realistic hunting situation shots,” Ryan Steiner, Sr. of Pottstown said. Both Steiner and his son, Ryan Jr, RJ, enjoyed shooting the final two targets off the tower. RJ enjoyed the challenging seven-yard shot while his father preferred the 30-yard shot.
Brian and Mason Goodhart, of Exeter, also enjoyed shooting Birdsboro’s course, with Brian saying the course was “challenging”.
“You can’t predict the targets,” Brian said. Mason said that his two favorite targets were the little bear and the leopard. The little bear Mason was referring to was the small 28” standing bear target.
There are plenty of remaining shoots at the other clubs around Berks County at Frontier, Popodickon, Lower Pottsgrove, Daniel Boone, Stowe, Chestnut Hill, Lebanon Valley, Mill Creek, Cushion Peak, and Adamstown. South Birdsboro’s next shoot will be August 4 from 7 a.m. to noon.