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Jaycees welcome president on Bzzzz Tour

By Shea Singley, Item Editor

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Hamburg Jaycees hosted a fundraiser and welcomed US Jaycee National President Chrystal Ramsay-Dyess, who is currently on the Bzzzz Tour, on July 18.
Held at the Indian Fort Inn, the restaurant donated 20% of its proceeds to the Hamburg Jaycees who in turn donated to Nothing But Nets.
Ramsay-Dyess along with her husband James, son Aaron and Geneva Broomfield are visiting 85 chapters over 71 days promoting the objectives of Nothing But Nets. Nothing But Nets is a global, grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria. The campaign provides nets to help protect against mosquitos which spread the disease.
“It’s a really cool organization to be with,” said Ramsay-Dyess.
Her son is also fundraising in his own way by selling dogtags with “Send a net, save a life” and “creating positive change” on them.
Aaron got the idea after another child connected with the Jaycees sold bracelets to raise money last year and had the chance to go on a trip to Africa to see where the nets are going.
“He decided he wanted to do something to raise money,” said Ramsay-Dyess who pointed out that each sale sends one net to those in need.
Along with Aaron’s fundraiser, there are also advocacy cards that can be filled out in person or online. When filling out the online version the sender sees that the card is sent to their state representatives.
After Ramsay-Dyess filled out one herself, she received a response back from her congressman in which he stated that he too knows what a big issue malaria is and the importance of preventing it.
The group will be stopping in Washington, D.C. and spend time on the hill speaking with leaders before congress breaks.
At the time of the Hamburg stop, the group had visited 80 chapters and was on their eighth state of the tour which began June 10 in Minneapolis and will conclude on August 15 in Florida. So far the van they are traveling in has 6,000 miles on it.
Though they are busy, the travelers are finding time to visit memorable places and are keeping track of their journeys in journals that they are putting together for a local magazine back home. There is even a mosquito mascot outfit along for the ride as well as pieces of a destroyed net so that people can feel the type of net that is being sent.
“To get to come into chapters, meet members and see what they’re doing is pretty cool,” said Ramsay-Dyess.
The night was filled with food, catching up, making new friends, games, music, a photo booth and a ‘Kick Out Malaria’ kickball game.
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