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OTF receives donation for the Strand Theater

By Shea Singley, Item Editor

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Boat-N-RV Superstore, Tilden Twp., donated proceeds from its Memorial Day car show to the Our Town Foundation for the Strand Theater on S. 4th street.
“It’s a big part of the community,” said Deena Kershner, OTF Manager, of one of the oldest buildings in the town.
Built in 1799 and converted to a theater in 1920, the Strand was purchased by the foundation to prevent its destruction this past March.
While at a networking event Brenda Keefer, Director of Human Resources with the superstore, was looking for someone to give the proceeds to as this was the first time the store did anything like this.
Currently, OTF is looking for ways to fundraise for the switch from the projection equipment to digital as the film industry will stop making non-digital film starting September of this year. The switch is a pricey one so the donation is greatly appreciated.
Donations will also be used for safety and electrical upgrades.
“The upgrades will make sure that everyone that attends is safe,” said Kershner.
OTF continues to show movies on weekends and hopes to schedule other entertainment at the Strand to keep the theater as the community hub according to one of their brochures.
The donation from Boat-N-RV Superstore was greatly appreciated and is a nice add to the funds for the new equipment.