Renegades come from behind to win in sudden death

Item photo by Shea Singley 
Getting heated during the jam.
Item photo by Shea Singley Getting heated during the jam.

With only a minute left and down by two points after never being in the lead the whole bout, the Keystone State Rollin’ Renegades put Grave Clobber in as the jammer. As the clock ticked down and the buzzer went, the Renegades tied the Boomtown Renegade Roughnecks 147 to 147.

“One jam can make all the difference in the world,” said announcer J.R. Manitoba earlier in the evening.

To determine the winner the teams went into sudden death. The first jammer to score would get the win for their team. The Renegades sent Rollomite out as their jammer who was racking up the points for them the whole bout while the Roughnecks sent out one of their high scores Daddy Long Legs.

After a whole bout of an intense and physical game, sudden death was no different. The crowd cheered loudly as Rollomite skated to lead jammer and scored for the home team making the Renegades the winners against one of their biggest rivals.


“Keystone State Rollin’ Renegades were behind the entire game and pulled it out for the win,” said Manitoba.

The bout took place at the Field House with home team Renegades against their rivals the Roughnecks on July 20. Despite the heat, both outside and inside, the crowd cheered for their favorites and enjoyed live music by Unstable Ground, food, beverages, merchandise and other memorabilia including facepainting for children.

The National Anthem followed the player introductions and was by sisters Mason and Shawn Kohler. Mason sang at the previously roller derbies and this was Shawn’s first time. After the applause, the teams went through a roller derby 101 to remind the fans of the way scoring worked and the ways of the game.

“Derby’s a high scoring game and can change in one jam,” said Manitoba early in the bout as the Roughnecks jumped to an early lead that they held through the bout until the Renegades tied it.

Unlike the first roller derby back in March, there was no rope around the ring. There was also seating for fans that wanted to get up close around the first curve with a warning to watch out for flying skaters.

Manitoba explained that though jams can last up to two minutes, they rarely do as there is a lot of strategy involved other than just scoring. A big part of the jam is to keep the other team from getting too many points even when the lead jammer is getting points for their team.

An after party was held at Pappy T’s Pub and Lounge in Hamburg. The next roller derby is September 14 at the Field House. Tickets can be purchased at the door or ahead of time through the Hamburg Union Fire Co. #1.