A Touch of Grace brings unique finds and antiques to Birdsboro

News photo by Emily Thiel
The storefront of A Touch of Grace, a new antique store in Birdsboro.
News photo by Emily Thiel The storefront of A Touch of Grace, a new antique store in Birdsboro.

A new shop filled with antiques, vintage jewelry, artwork, and unique finds has popped up in Birdsboro. A Touch of Grace, located at 215 E. First St., Birdsboro, held their grand opening on July 13.

Owners and Birdsboro residents, Gary and Grace Simmons, call themselves “big collectors of flea market and vintage finds.” With A Touch of Grace, the couple wants to revitalize the area of Bridsboro by bringing in a new and different type of shop. Gary is retired, and Grace works full time in corporate accounting. The Simmons’ have always enjoyed going to flea markets, where they sell some of their personal gems and search for additional intriguing pieces. Grace said she always knew she wanted more than a little table or room to display and sell the antiques and unique pieces her husband and she collect.

The Simmons find pieces that they like, and think others would like, as well. Together, they enjoy going out and searching at estate sales, auctions, and flea markets for vintage finds. “This is what we enjoy doing, we get excited about it,” Grace said.

“Everything in here is ours,” said Gary, referring to the store. “The shop has an interest for everyone.” Grace’s favorite pieces are hats and handbags, while Gary likes metal and wooden boxes.


“We have things that are a little different, unique,” said Grace. “Lately, I’ve been gathering mirrors.” The collectables and finds inside the store will appeal to a broad range of stylistic taste, and are also affordable. Prices for items can range from $2 to $300.

A Touch of Grace may be a reflection of the style of Grace and Gary but has something to appeal to everyone’s taste. The finds inside the door of their shop range from hats, lamps, teacups to framed photos, vintage sunglasses and collectables.

“Everyone would find something that they remember from growing up,” Gary said. For local residents, the Simmons specifically try to find things that relate to the local area. Among the items from Birdsboro is a framed picture of the Birdsboro Steel Corporation.

Inside the shop, a vintage Singer sewing machine and German short wave radio are on display. “Everything works,” said the couple, who try to only buy items in working order.

Not everything is vintage and retro. A Touch of Grace mixes the old with the new to provide a diverse collection for customers.

Grace creates her own line of soaps, hand creams and bath soaks, also called A Touch of Grace. Grace packages around seven different scents. Some of the biggest sellers are the Lavender with Lavender Buds, Coconut Lime and the Earth Bar. The soaps are available at the Simmons’ shop.

“There’s no other shop like this in Birdsboro,” Gary said, adding there are many eateries in the area, but nothing quite like A Touch of Grace. If there is a particular item you are looking for, the Simmons’ welcome letting them know. “We will look for stuff of personal interest for them, they don’t have to do the legwork,” Gary said.

Summer hours for A Touch of Grace are noon - 6 p.m. Wednesday to Friday and 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday.