Trains, animals, fun at WK&S Railroad

Patriot photo by Lisa Mitchell
Kids Fun Weekend at WK&S Railroad in Kempton July 27.
Patriot photo by Lisa Mitchell Kids Fun Weekend at WK&S Railroad in Kempton July 27.

Anna loves trains and animals. She had the chance to see both at WK&S Railroad in Kempton this past weekend.

WK&S hosted their Kids Fun Weekend, which included train rides and a petting zoo.

We arrived just in time to see the first train leaving the station.

“Train!” Anna shouted.

My daughter is 2 years old so every new experience is just amazing for her, and it’s just as great for me, getting to see everything through her eyes. She was so excited to be there!


After watching the train leave, we headed across the tracks to the station to check out the other activities. There was a moon bounce but Anna is small for her age and likely to get trampled so we skipped that one. We walked past the station and the people sitting outside on the benches. It was a bit like stepping back in time.

In a grassy area we found the petting zoo. Anna met a live chicken, a duck, a rabbit, a goat and a mule, all animals that she has read about at home but she never saw in real life. She was not too eager to pet the animals but she enjoyed talking to them and made friends with the other kids. There were pony rides also, and we enjoyed watching the ponies walk around.

We were so busy that we missed the next train.

Looking for other activities, we headed back to the station and found a train car housing a model train display. This turned out to be one of the highlights for Anna. She loved the tiny trains moving and sounding off their horns. She was so very much tempted to touch the model, so we had to stay an arm’s length away but we were still close enough to see all of the action.

To say this is was one of her favorite activities of the day would be an understatement. Anna insisted on going through the display four times, and we would have gone through several more times if I had allowed it.

By this time, we watched the next train leave. Yes, we missed it again.

Luckily, there was a motorized train engine from the Reading Railroad Museum, of Hamburg, driving around the Kempton Community Center and the WK&S property. We caught a ride and enjoyed the tour of the community center where a music festival was being held. This was another highlight for Anna, and we had to go on the ride again!

Hungry and tired, Anna didn’t fight leaving that afternoon.

“Are you glad we came?” I asked her.

Anna shook her head, affirming that she did indeed have a good day at the train station. Maybe next time we’ll catch the train.

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