Events make Kutztown great place to live; Kutztown Fairgrounds Racetrack has potential to host additional events

Dear Editor,

We have held our tongues as long as we can about the racetrack at the Kutztown Fairgrounds.

We live as close to the racetrack as anyone in the neighborhood. Our great little town of Kutztown is special for many reasons, Kutztown University and local industry, as well as special events throughout the year. The events, to name a few, include the Folk Festival, the Kutztown Fair, the Fools Run, the auto races, Kutztown Day, various activities on Main Street (i.e., Muscle on Main, Block Parities, Taste of Kutztown); which are very well attended. All of these events have inconvenienced the citizens of Kutztown at one time or another through parking, noise, dirt and dust or traffic.

Our community benefits from these activities through our civic organizations, Lions Club, Optimist Club, Rotary Club, and school district, university and church groups to name a few. The revenue generated from these events in turn benefits our youth and other community activities.

We have either lived in Kutztown or within the Kutztown School District all our lives. More than 30 years ago we purchased our home in Kutztown. We were very cognizant that the Kutztown Fairgrounds was located across the street from our home, as a matter of fact directly across from the entrance to the racetrack. And YES it was very likely that there would be noise, traffic, etcetera associated with the fairground complex. We understand that things are not all roses in a small town, but sometimes you have to take one on the chin and consider what is best for the community.


If the events in Kutztown are that horrible and difficult to deal with, perhaps relocation should be considered. We know this may upset some of our neighbors, but we have been blatantly offended by the statement all adjacent landowners are concerned and not enjoying this. That statement is incorrect. Please stop grouping us into the all adjacent landowners in various letters and editorials.

The Kutztown Fairgrounds is a great facility with potential to host additional events, honestly today the complex is significantly underutilized. Although I cannot imagine who may even want to inquire to utilize the facilities with all the non-favorable publicity.

We continue to believe that these events are what make Kutztown a great place to live and raise children.

Jeff and Pam Unger

Kutztown residents