Celtic trio serenades Honey Brook Borough Park

Adams County-based Celtic trio Across the Pond performs in Honey Brook Borough Park as the sun sets behind them on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013. Photo by Matthew D'Ippolito

Over 200 people sat and laid about Honey Brook Borough Park Sunday as sounds of jangly guitar, flute trills, fiddle riffs and Bodhran beats filled the air.

There was not a cloud in the sky when Adams County-based Celtic trio Across the Pond took the stage at 5:30 p.m. The setting sun shone through the South Asian-styled tapestries that provided the backdrop throughout the two hour set.

This is the kind of show I like to play, Dan Diviney, who plays flutes and Bodhran for the group, said during a half-hour break in the middle of the set. You see feet tapping and people intently and intensely listening to the music. If all we ever played was town concerts, Id be happy.

The concert, part of the boroughs concerts in the park series, drew the biggest crowd yet.

Naturally I was surprised and thrilled with the attendance, Concerts in the Park Chair Jeanne Jenzano said. She added that the borough managed to publicize the concert to a wider area this time, and that seemed to help since some in the audience came from as far as Exeter.

It brought people into Honey Brook to see what kind of a really cool town we have, she said. A lot of people just drive through on Route 10 or 322, but for one night at least, this was their destination.

Diviney himself said he appreciated getting to know the area, having never heard of the town before, and hopes the band can come back sometime soon to play shows in the area.

The band played many famous traditional Irish songs, like The Ferryman and Whiskey in the Jar, and also added some modern Celtic hits. For example, Diviney got to first showcase his vocals on Steve Earles The Galway Girl.

The trio wasnt afraid to add a little humor to the set as well, like when guitarist Mike Morrison asked Diviney to tell the audience about the bands website, acrossthepondmusic.com, and the t-shirts we dont have, tell them about that. Diviney responded with, I think you just did tell them all about that.

Despite the lack of t-shirts, many concert-goers certainly appreciated the Irish music.

Being Irish, we think its great, Michael OBrien of Honey Brook, who was there with his wife Maeve, said. Its a beautiful day and they are doing a great job, and were familiar with Irish music. Weve been listening to it since we were born.

Jenzano was also happy the borough was able to provide a taste of Celtic music for residents.

Its clear that a lot of people love Celtic music, but there arent a lot of venues around here to get it, she said. Theyre not going to be going to a pub in West Chester to see an Irish band that wont start until 9 oclock.

Its nice that we had this outdoor venue that people could come to and that lent itself to this group, she added.

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