Municipal Report: Zoning requests, water issues under review in Caernarvon Lancaster

The Zoning Hearing Board will consider an application from Benuel Smucker of Turkey Hill Road to locate a manure storage pit approximately 60 feet from the property line. The required set back is 150 feet.

Omar Glick, who is in the roofing business, has requested permission to build a 1200 sq. ft. accessory building on a residential lot of about 1.1 acres along Edwards Road. Building materials will be delivered to the site of construction.

The scenic overlook will be relocated to a higher area towards the western end of the landfill in 2014-15. On Sundays visitors are welcome to view the surrounding country side from a point with high visibility.

Roadmaster Terry Martin said the oil and chip cover on 6 miles of township roads is complete. Sweeping of areas where there may be extensive amounts of gravel will be done in 10 days.


As a solution to the waste water management problem in Goodville, East Earl Township is considering a 35,000 gallon per day treatment plant midway between Goodville and Fetterville, said Chairman Gary Van Dyke. The plant would be adequate to provide for 125 units. Funding is uncertain at this time. The area is surrounded by preserved farms.

Ground water monitoring reports from the Lanchester Landfill have been good said Bob Watts, general manager of the landfill. Storm water management and leachate control are adequate. Landfill personnel ware working to establish aquatic plants in settlement basins for aesthetic purposes. A committee of representatives from local municipalities is doing a study to determine what type of trees and bushes are the best woody cover for the landfill.

An agreement to provide for municipal cooperation with Caernarvon Township Berks County is under consideration. With such an agreement, the townships would share road maintenance work, personnel and equipment. At this time the only cooperative agreement is with East Earl Township.

The next meeting of the Caernarvon Agricultural Advisory Committee is planned for Aug. 15 at 7 p.m., Van Dyke said. The Brandywine Conservancy is helping to develop a receiving ordinance for the Transfer Development Rights concept. Representatives from East Earl Township will attend and the Lancaster Farmland Trust is participating in the planning also.

Everyone had a great time at a family-oriented program at Pool Forge Park on July 9, said Administrator Robin Buckwalter. Upcoming events are the Historic Pool Forge Board of Directors meeting on Aug. 20, a Fall Plant Swap on Sept. 20 and Pool Forge Day is planned for Sept. 21. A car cruise is planned for Sept. 29.

An alternative energy/agri-tainment ordinance will be adopted at the September meeting. Agri-tainment is an on-farm occupation that allows people to visit a farm for a hands-on experience where they can care for and feed animals. Corn mazes that are open to the public are included in the ordinance.

Lancaster County Commissioner Craig Lehman has made it a policy to visit each municipality in the county during his tenure. In a thank you note he said he enjoyed learning about local farmland preservation policies, stream bank restoration at Pool Forge and the great things going on at Historic Pool Forge.

Township officials will meet with personnel to discuss traffic problems and make suggestions for improved traffic patterns at Turkey Hill Market at Swamp Road and Route 23. A resident said traffic entering and exiting now is creating a potentially dangerous situation.