Municipal Report: Elverson discusses shooting in the borough

After a dispute between residents over shooting within Elverson was brought to the attention of council last month, the borough is looking into possible ordinances.

Towards the end of the August Elverson Borough Council meeting, Council President Bob Broderick said residents could refer to state laws regarding gun use when required.

But Council member Merle Stoltzfus said the borough should look for a sensible ordinance to fit this municipality. Council Member Tim McEwen agreed.

Mayor Arleigh Hegarty said there had been an old ordinance pertaining to shooting in the borough which he had once read, but didn’t know what had happened to it.


Council member Shirley Crehan and Secretary/Treasurer Lori Stoltz went into the office and carried several old documents to the table. After a search they could find no record of the old ordinance.

In his time on council, there have only been two incidents which brought the concerns of shooting before council, said Stoltzfus.

A number of years ago, some young people were shooting B.B.’s at the area of the former Elverson Fire Department, said McEwen. He called for help and called the parents of the young people involved. He was startled when they verbally attacked him for pressing the issue.

“We have to avoid situations like that,” he said.

McEwen said the borough has to establish a sensible ordinance like Stoltzfus suggested so that disputes about the legitimacy of complaints don’t arise.

The borough needs help with several projects. Help and new ideas are needed for the Elverson Halloween Parade. The parade is the third Wednesday in October, and the theme is “Wild West.” Help is also needed on the Tree Commission, the Elverson Borough Newsletter and the Elverson Day Committee. More help is needed to care for the large pots filled with flowers along Main Street.

New plans for the area along Park Avenue, formerly known as Quakerside, are under review.

Last month the developer and his engineer brought in a sketch plan of what they want to do, said Borough Engineer Mark Stabolepszy. The biggest concern is they have to re-do the wetlands. After they figure out the net size they can determine how many units they can build.

They need input from the Planning Commission, he said, because they did not seem to take into account the open space versus the building space available. They may be “back at the drawing board,” he added.

The developers’ next phase is to ask for conditional use. It has to go before the Planning Commission again, then council can call for a conditional use hearing. Council can attach reasonable conditions to the plan.

Stoltzfus recommended members of council read a manual which would make them completely aware of all facets of the proposed plan.

Chester County has come up with a comprehensive storm water management plan. By September the borough will have to begin tailoring a storm water management plan for Elverson, said Stabolepszy.

The county has asked for public comment, said Stoltzfus. He thought some of the ideas were not so good.

The model ordinance can be tailored to fit any municipality. Municipalities can establish a storm water authority. It has to be done by January, said Stabolepszy.

Stoltzfus said he wants to make sure it is dealt with and coordinated right. According to the census, the borough is considered an urban area. Storm water is going to be the largest hurdle any developer will have to overcome in the future, he added.

“We need to do it in a way that is as wise as possible,” he said, adding that he will bring himself up to speed on everything that has happened at the county planning commission meetings.

In late July there was a burglary at a business on Park Avenue. Three people have identified a person caught by a surveillance camera, said Stoltz.