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7th grader's Carnival stand raises funds for Fleetwood Food Pantry

By Submitted by O’Neil family

Monday, August 19, 2013

Erin O’Neil, a 7th grade student, ran a Pick-A-Pop game of chance during the Fleetwood Community Carnival in July to raise money for the Fleetwood Food Pantry.
Participants pick a Tootsie-Pop from the game board. If the stick is colored, they win a stuffed toy of their choice along with the Tootsie-Pop. If the stick is not colored, they win the Tootsie-Pop and glow bracelet. During the five-day carnival, friends and family helped Erin run the stand.
This is Erin’s second year of running the Pick-A-Pop game at the Fleetwood Community Carnival.
In 2012 she presented the Fleetwood Food Pantry with $200 that she raised during the 2012 Carnival and Blues Fest.
This year, Erin presented a $370 check to the Fleetwood Food Pantry for money raised during the 2013 Carnival.
Erin enjoys running the game of chance and looks forward to the 2014 Carnival, where she will be raising additional monies for the Fleetwood Food Pantry.