Walking, biking to first day of elementary school in Kutztown, Fleetwood

Patriot photo by Lisa Mitchell Maisy Kellum, 8, arrived at Kutztown Elementary for her first day of third grade on Aug. 26.

Kutztown and Fleetwood elementary students walked, biked, skate boarded and rode the bus to school on the first day back on Monday, some eager to get started while others were a bit nervous.

Ryleigh Bohning, 9, and Caydence Bohning, 6, Kutztown, posed for photos for their parents outside Kutztown Elementary while the buses nearby drove up to the front doors. After a quick hug and kiss, they were lost in the crowd of students.

Maisy Kellum, 8, arrived at Kutztown Elementary for her first day of third grade showing off her fashion sense with boots, a new dress, and matching pink lunch box and bookbag.

Zo Weidman, 10, was eager to start fifth grade to be able to hatch her own chick eggs in biology class.

I cant wait to see Miss Dietrich, shes my new fifth grade teacher.

Her sister Maeve, 6, talked about starting first grade.

Im a little nervous and a little excited mixed together, said Maeve. Im looking forward to making new friends.

Out in Fleetwood families walked to Willow Creek Elementary, including Brooklyn Raifsnider, 9, and Boston Raifsnider, 6, who posed for photos for The Patriot in front of the large school entrance sign. Joshua Tiemann, 8, and James Tiemann, 6, Fleetwood, were also eager for their first day of school and posed for photos.

Abbyrose Thomas, 5, Fleetwood, arrived for her very first day of school ever, riding her bike five blocks to Willow Creek.

Im excited, she said about the first day of kindergarten.

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