St. John's Day Care… 25 Years! Children make it special

Submitted photo
St. John's Day Care's Lemonade Stand.
Submitted photo St. John's Day Care's Lemonade Stand.

This year marks St. Johnís Day Careís 25th anniversary.

Over the many years of service we have had a lot of enjoyable memories with the children, families, and staff members that have been here with us. We thank you for making St. Johnís Day Care such a success.

We are excited to let the community of Kutztown know that some changes are coming for St. Johnís Day Care and Preschool programs. After this year, the two programs will be combining.

St. Johnís Day Care will continue to offer a half-day preschool program for the 3- and 4-year-old classes as well as continue our daycare service for the families that are interested in care.


We are looking forward to a blessed and fun-filled year with the children and families here at the center and are excited about the changes happening within the program. We encourage anyone interested in our program to contact Leah Batarick at 610-683-54302 for more information. Thank you and God Bless!

Submitted by St. Johnís Day Care