Travel club learns about biodiversity on trip to Costa Rica

The Twin Valley International Travel Club in Costa Rica earlier this summer. Photo provided

The Twin Valley International Travel Club was established three years ago in an effort to help students increase cultural understanding and develop global awareness. This summer, a group of Twin Valley students enjoyed traveling through Costa Rica on an eco tour. Students learned about Costa Rica’s tremendous biodiversity by hiking through the cloud forests, kayaking volcanic lakes and studying wildlife. Students helped to build an eco corridor in an effort to connect Costa Rica’s east and west coast by planting specific trees to attract rare species of birds and wildlife. In addition, students enjoyed visiting an elementary school and sharing in language, dance and sport activities.

In 2012, the Twin Valley International Travel Club ventured to China where students and families toured the three cities of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, immersing themselves in the Chinese culture. On this tour students enjoyed climbing the Great Wall, viewing the Terra Cotta soldiers of Xian and learning Tai Chi in the Forbidden City. Many of the students practiced their Chinese language skills while bartering with the locals in the market place.

For the summer of 2014, the club invites Twin Valley students and their families to join them on a trip to Europe, including London, Paris, Florence and Rome. Travelers will enjoy visiting Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower and the Vatican along with many other interesting points of interest along the way. The club strongly believes that international travel will result in personal growth and help to encourage world peace through cultural understanding.

All Twin Valley students and families who are interested in the 2014 European Tour are invited to attend a meeting on Sept. 19 in the Twin Valley High School library at 7 p.m. To see an overview of the tour and cost, find the club’s Facebook page. If interested, contact Kathy Malm at or Susan Plewa at