Bill Cherkasky, Boyertown teacher, to receive the national S'Park Media Mentor Award

Boyertown Area School District has announces that one of itís high school teachers will be receiving a national award.

ďIt is with great pride to share that Mr. Bill Cherkasky who serves as telecommunications teacher at Boyertown Area Senior High School has been selected to receive the national SíPark Media Mentor Award from Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. Bill holds a Bachelor of Science degree in telecommunications and a masterís degree in library science, both earned from Kutztown University. He is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in library science, vocational instruction and audio-visual communications. Bill has been a highly valued employee of the Boyertown Area School District since 1999 and has served in his current position at BASH since 2001.Ē

Bill has been a driving force in helping lead our high school and school district into the ďdigital ageĒ. Some examples of the work that he has led include:

The many event productions he makes available for students such as graduation, prom and post- prom so that our students and community members can have lasting memories of these culminating activities.


The high-quality videos that are produced each year to support the United Way and their annual campaign for funds to support our community members in need.

The fine example of his work and leadership that we saw tonight and are fortunate to experience each year at this event.

The daily oversight and support that is provided for our BASH TV Studio.

His vision and work in securing a BASD television channel on Comcast. Bill is responsible for all that took place to make sure we have this great opportunity for our students, staff and community.

The work he has done to ensure BASH students participate in the ďInsightĒ discussions that air on PCTC and the many awards our students have won within his area of instruction.

The tremendous work that he does each year to help BASH students explore their interests, expand and improve their skills, and increase their preparation for college and the workplace. Many of Billís former students have used these valuable lessons to succeed in the area of telecommunications and their chosen fields.

Submitted byBoyertown Area School District.