Superbugs beware: St. Joseph to demonstrate ultraviolet technology it is now using to eliminate infections

A little R2D2-looking robot, named “Flash” by St. Joseph staff, is the medical center’s latest state-of-the-art approach in making the patient environment safer.

Flash, a product of Xenex UV Disinfection Systems, is a mobile, pulsed-ultraviolet disinfection robot that kills bacteria and viruses, including superbugs such as C-diff and MRSA, on surfaces in patient rooms and other clinical areas.

Flash produces ultraviolet C (UVC), which penetrates the cell walls of the microorganisms instantly fusing their DNA so they are unable to reproduce or mutate, effectively killing them on surfaces and in the air without contact or chemicals.

The 3-foot Xenex device extends to 5’2 when in ‘bug-zapping’ mode.