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Boyertown students must successfully enlist the aid of the community

By Submitted by Hilda Hynes

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Boyertown Area Senior High wins the bid to host the state conference Nov. 14 through Nov. 16 but Boyertown students must successfully enlist the aid of the community to house 1000 visiting middle and high school delegates or face turning away those they cannot house.
Winning the bid to host this year’s State Conference is a huge honor and BASH students are very excited to show the best their school has to offer. This however will be no easy undertaking. While visiting advisors will stay in local hotels, students need host families to stay with. “The conference is so valuable because it gives student leaders from all over Pennsylvania an opportunity to share ideas on how to improve their schools, themselves, and their communities,” says Co-Chair of the Housing Committee for the conference, Molly Kulp
In the past citizens of Boyertown have done much to aid their community from the success of Relay for Life to the shaving of heads in the Rita’s parking lot for the Locks for Love program there is little this community cannot accomplish. This is why BASH students are confident they can find enough host families to make the conference a true success.
Kulp ensures host families should not worry about the behavior of the visiting students, “These are some of the top young students and leaders in Pennsylvania.” To this she adds, “They will be fun, polite and respectful during their stay.”
Host families are asked to provide a safe environment, a bed, bathroom, two breakfasts, one dinner and transportation to and from the school during the conference. Student Council and PASC Danielle Croner encourages families to participate stating, “As someone who has stayed in a host home many times, I promise it is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.”
BASH students have worked hard over the last year to make the conference a reality and now they need the communities help to make the conference a success. For anyone interested in hosting visiting leading student delegates please visit the PASC website at or student council members Molly Kulp or Maggie Morgan at