Former architect sues Boyertown School District

The Boyertown Area School District is currently facing litigation from EI Associates of Harrisburg.

EI Associates, the architects originally hired by the district to design the $55 million high school project, has decided to sue the school district for an amount exceeding $50,000.

According to Timothy Woolford of Woolford Law P.C., representing EI, the architect was terminated without advanced notice on Aug. 7. The school board approved the architect’s termination after they determined that EI had underestimated the project.

“It was a false allegation; the project was still in design phase,” said Woolford. “You can’t provide an estimate of cost when the design is not completed. The school board was still looking at numerous options.”

Woolford continued to state that the project had not yet begun advertising for construction bids; therefore the costs were not clear. EI Associates contacted the district following their termination in an effort to explain and to avoid litigation.

Once EI Associates heard that the school district was pursuing another architect, they decided to protect their interests.

“There was a substantial amount of work done; we anticipated revenue from the project,” said Woolford. “The contract was prematurely and wrongfully terminated. The design wasn’t complete yet.” He continued to state that the project had not been advertising bids. No construction bids were received, therefore the costs weren’t clear.

“We would be amendable to continue talks towards and resolution,” said Woolford.

As of Wednesday, Sept. 25, the school district has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

According to Woolford, the district has until Thursday, Oct. 10, to respond.

The Boyertown School District was unavailable for comment on Sept. 26.

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