Local landmark is resurrected for Halloween as Haunted House

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Douglassville’s Brinton Lodge will open their doors this weekend for those brave enough to enter a historic haunted house this Halloween season. This is the first year the lodge, which dates back to the mid-1700s, will serve as a haunted house attraction.

But with at least six distinct spirits that have made their presences known to previous occupants, Brinton Lodge is not just an attraction. The historic Douglassville landmark has been named one of the most haunted sites in Pennsylvania.

At Brinton Lodge, guests will be immersed in the experience in a different way than traditional haunted houses.

The theme is “Horror in Free Love Valley,” which takes real-life inspiration from the Battle Axes, a cult that settled outside of Pottstown near the banks of the Schuylkill River in the 1800s and came to an end following the grisly murder of one of its members.

In addition to the staple maze to give you a good scare, the Lodge’s well-known reputation for being haunted is just the beginning. Inside the house, guests are given a masquerade mask and will see a more theatrical production. In around 50 minutes, guests will get to experience everything Brinton Lodge has to offer.

“Instead of high tech props and animatronic scares, the Brinton Lodge Haunted House will immerse customers in the story that unfolds as they roam the first and second floors of the one-time gentleman’s club,” said event organizer Doug Reeser. “It will be a combination of a traditional haunted house and a theater production.”

The attractions have around 25 to 30 actors housing characters based on historic figures. “There are roots in historical aspects,” Reeser explained, “We have done lots of research, and spoke with the old-timers around the area. We have first hand stories with historical authenticity.”

While it is a family friendly event, it is not recommended to bring young children. The Halloween attraction will be open select evenings October 4 through November 2. Proceeds benefit Historic Brinton Lodge, the non-profit organization that preserves and maintains the lodge.

Brinton Lodge Haunted House will be open from 7 to 11 p.m. with a limited number of tickets available for each hour. Tickets are $18 per person ($22 at the door) and can be purchased at on the website. For more information, call 610-572-7121 or visit www.brintonlodge.com.

Brinton Lodge is located at 1808 W. Schuylkill Rd. Douglassville, Pa. 19518.

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