Landon Fina: October Intern Student of the Month

Student of the Month Landon Fina, left, stands with GNC store manager Julian Castillo. Image provided
Student of the Month Landon Fina, left, stands with GNC store manager Julian Castillo. Image provided

Landon Fina, a senior at Twin Valley High School, is the October Intern of the Month for going above and beyond all expectations in school and outside of school, in addition to working hard at his internship at the GNC in Morgantown.

At GNC, Fina is a cashier and also stocks shelves, does inventory and helps customers with products they need. Fina has received many compliments from not only Mrs. Angela Morgan, TVHS intern advisor, but from GNC manager Julian Castillo, as well. Castillo praises Fina for all of his hard work and exceeding the tasks that are asked of him. Fina will even be receiving an associate reward from his manager personally for his efforts so far, along with a prize.

“In this line of work, it’s imperative to stay up to date with product knowledge, nutrition, fitness, supplements, in addition to overall health, and Landon strives to do exactly that for his own benefit,” Castillo said.

Fina is highly motivated to strive to be the best that he can be in life, and this attitude has helped him to overcome many obstacles to get him where he is today.


Fina has always been interested in health and fitness products, but within the last year, he began purchasing many of GNC’s products and learning more. That is when the manager began to recognize him and recommend that he take an application.

After getting involved at GNC and learning more about health and fitness, Fina began to compete in weightlifting competitions at Kennedy’s Gym in Morgantown. Despite Fina’s busy agenda, he still manages to balance his time and receive good grades at Twin Valley High School. He plans on using his GNC internship for his college application to West Chester University next fall, where he plans to major in nutrition.

“As a manager, I’ve always instilled my motto in my associates, and that motto is ‘Never Give Up,’ and I never have to worry about that with Landon,” added Castillo. Fina truly deserves the recognition for both his work at GNC and his extraordinary personal achievements.