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Municipal Report: Citizen dissent may send pipeline out of East Nantmeal

By Tory Lingg, For 21st Century Media

Monday, September 30, 2013

Citizens throughout Chester County have voiced their opposition to a proposed pipeline that would run through much of the county, and they may be gaining traction.
Many were afraid it would have a detrimental impact on the Hopewell Big Woods. Work on the Commonwealth Pipeline is off for now. There is a prospect the pipeline will not come through the area but will be moved west and pass through Lancaster County.
“In February, we were afraid the route of the proposed gas pipeline would be through East Nantmeal,” said Supervisor Tyler Wren. “We should find some independent experts to do some investigating into any detrimental effects on the Hopewell Big Woods if the plans resurface.”
Linda Ferrell, of a pipeline advocacy group, had presented lots of information to local residents about possible detrimental effects of pipelines. The safety coalition will require any company that wants to put in a pipeline to first notify the county and local residents as to what is going to be done rather than just come in and “divide and conquer.”
Commonwealth Pipeline has a new partner, said Wren, so there may be new activity.
“Our efforts have been fruitful,” Wren said. “We got their attention. Commonwealth Pipeline was surprised about the uproar from Chester County.”