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Kutztown family celebrates 4 birthdays Oct. 4

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Editorial Note: Lisa Eshleman Foster shared with The Kutztown Patriot a special birthday celebration.
Our family will be celebrating four birthdays on Oct. 4. My father, Harry David Eshleman, born in 1929, will be 84, his first daughter, me, Lisa Eshleman Foster, (1955) will be 58, my son Harry John Foster, (1994) will be 19 and Steven Hamilton (2011) will be turning 2 this Friday!
My father was an English Professor at Kutztown University and we grew up in Kutztown. He is currently living at the Kutztown Manor having suffered a stroke 10 years ago. This stroke did not affect his ability to talk, remember or write (lately he hasnít) nor did it affect his sense of humor. He knows that we all celebrate our birthdays on his birthday. He in fact became a person, a father, a grand-father and a great-grandfather on his birthday!
Growing up, I loved sharing my birthday with him and then when I had my own son on that same day, well, I couldnít believe it. I too grew up in Kutztown and went to Kutztown State College (before it was KU) and owned the toy store downtown along with my late husband Chris Foster. I now live in Newport, VT but plan on returning someday to be closer to my relatives and old friends.
On the day that my son Harry was born, named after my father, of course, I remember my dad bringing a cake into the room. We celebrated about an hour after I gave birth! Harry is my third child and currently lives in Topton with his brother.
Much to our surprise, my niece, Selina Koester Hamilton announced that she was expecting a baby due around the beginning of October. Immediately, we all thought that there was no way another Oct. 4 baby could be born into our family, but two years ago, Steven joined us and we have been celebrating ever since.
Lisa Eshleman Foster lives in Newport, VT with her husband Brian McCrae.