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Adventures with Anna Climbing that hurdle, going down the slide

Friday, October 4, 2013

For our family, a new big adventure is going to the playground.
Anna, 2, was at first hesitant about going on the playground equipment by herself. Iím sure the tall structure and slippery slides can be scary for a toddler. But then, we watched Anna tackle that challenge, overcome her fear and eventually dive head first down that slide.
We have been going to a toddler playground in our community. The first time, Anna needed me to go down the slide with her while Daddy watched us come zooming down. Iíve really gotten in touch with my inner child. Love slides!
Weíve gone to a number of playgrounds since that first time. We visited Locust Lake one weekend and were surprised to find a large playground. Annaís eyes were so big! Excited would be an understatement. Initially I had to go explore with her but she was soon running around on her own. This was equipment for older kids so I was nervous about the height and climbing activities meant for someone bigger. Always eager to try new things, Anna began climbing a rock wall. Daddy helped while I nervously watched, holding my breath. Soon she was at the top and clapping with joy. Wow, what a feeling to see your child accomplish something difficult.
Last week we went to Fleetwood Park to learn about the new toddler playground going in Oct. 5. Community members can help with the installation starting at 9 a.m.
After the interview we stayed to play. There were other moms with preschoolers. While the kids played we moms held our breaths at times because the playground equipment is meant for older kids. There are climbing activities and openings that made me nervous. When I mentioned the new toddler playground to the other moms, they were quite excited. They already seem to really enjoy the features of the park with the benches and fence and a sturdy new playground. The next phase will surely be a good addition.
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