Spirits are blazing at Boone J.J. Krystopa and Abbey Sobel crowned King and Queen Blazers beat Twin Valley 40 to 14

Daniel Boone started off their homecoming week, Wednesday evening Oct. 2 with a Powder Puff Game. A Powder Puff Game is like a traditional flag football game but where the senior girls play against eachotherunder the stadium lights. The teams were Purple vs. Pink. The game ended in a Purple team victory with a score of 22 to 18.

After a successful Powder Puff game the student bodies’ spirits were high going into Fridayfor the pep rally. During the pep rally the fall sports teams were introduced along with the 2013 homecoming court.

Later Friday evening the school and community gathered back at the football field to show their support for the Daniel Boone Blazers as they got ready to play the Twin Valley Raiders.

As seven o’clock rolled around, the students began to fill the stand.The band performed their pre game show, and the football team took to the field. The first touchdown, carried by Kyle Myers for 75 yards, started the game off with good momentum for the Blazers.


The starting quarterback Nick Hughes followed the first touchdown with a second and kept the Blazers on top.

During half time the 2013 homecoming court waited on the field in anticipation of finding out who would be voted King and Queen. The court, which is voted to existence by the student body, included students Ian Kurtz, Adam Banks, Xavier Smith, J.J. Krystopa, Stevie Sievers, Rachel Breidigan, Alex Santora, Alex Hamill, Abbey Sobel, and Ari Elias.

Each court member was introduced and then the King and Queen were announced the winners were J.J. Krystopa and Abbey Sobel.

They were crowned by the 2012 King Daniel Rohlfing and 2012 Queen Amanda Mentzger.

Throughout the game, the Blazers lost their lead but gained it back with touchdowns by Paul Galanti, Xavier Smith, Holland Myers, and a second from Kyle Myers. The Blazers went on to win the game 40 to 14.

When asked how it felt winning the homecoming game quarterback Nick Hughes said, “It was great. The line did their job blocking and the backs ran the ball hard all night. From there, it was all easy.”

Saturday the festivities continued with a celebration of the win with a homecoming dance hosted at the high school by theVarsity Club. Many students from grades 9-12 showed up to celebrate and have an exciting night with friends.