Tilden Elementary kicks off new postive behavior program

Submitted photo Tilden (and Perry) Elementary students begin their SWEBS program, promoting positive behavior, during the first days of school by learning school rules and how they can be applied.

Tilden Elementary embarked on a new program to promote positive behavior throughout the building on Sept. 13. The staff worked for over a year on training and planning for the implementation of a School-Wide Effective Behavior Support (SWEBS) program.

Tilden Elementary’s SWEBS is a comprehensive, school-wide set of strategies to support positive behavior and academic achievement for all students. SWEBS focuses on encouraging appropriate behavioral expectations and preventing problem behavior.

This year, Tilden has adopted the following school wide rules:

•Have ownership over your learning


•Always follow directions from staff

•Walking in a straight quiet line in the hall

•Keep hands, feet and objects within your personal space

•Speak to others using kind words and actions

During the first days of school, students were taught the school rules and learned ways to apply them throughout the building. Our kick-off event celebrated the new school year and the opportunity for all students to achieve academic and behavioral success.

As reinforcement, students intermittently receive a ticket when staff observe them following these rules and meeting the behavioral expectations. Tickets can be exchanged for a variety of predetermined items or privileges. While a SWEBS program is designed to focus on the positive behaviors students display, consequences for repeated rule infractions will remain in place.

We hope this program will continue to promote our positive school climate, raise student engagement, and ultimately, increase academic achievement.

If you or your place of employment would like to donate potential prizes for students and staff, please contact the school @ 610-562-2241.