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Great Pumpkin Fly-In this weekend

By Carl Hess, For 21st Century Media

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One of the most bizarre Autumn events held anywhere is the annual Great Pumpkin Fly-In at the Golden Age Air Museum near Bethel. The event was spawned as a spur of the moment idea in 2011 as an attempt to salvage a year of activities that more often than not fell victim to the weather. Despite the short notice the Great Pumpkin Fly-In of 2011 turned out to be one of the best attended events ever at the local grass airstrip. The 2012 edition of the Great Pumpkin Fly-In also proved to be not only successful but a great way to end the year’s activities at GAAM. This year for the 3rd Annual Great Pumpkin Fly-In the event has been expanded to two days; Saturday Oct. 19 and Sunday Oct. 20.
What’s the big attraction for this event? Watching people drop pumpkins out of airplanes in an attempt to hit a target on the airstrip. Remember the watermelon smashing comedian Gallagher? Well Gallagher has nothing on the thrill, fun and anticipation of watching pumpkins getting tossed and dropped from low-flying airplanes as they head towards the target on the airstrip and their eminent doom.
Besides the pumpkin drops, all sorts of small aircraft will be flying into and out of the Grimes Airpark throughout both days.
Mark this event on your calendar or put it on your To Do List for the weekend. You won’t be disappointed.