More than 55 volunteers support Kutztown Community Partnership's Safe, Clean, & Green Committee

More than 55 volunteers met on Sept. 29 behind the Kutztown Community Partnership, located at 324 W. Main St., to support the Safe, Clean, & Green Committee’s Weekly Community Clean-Up. Although the clean-ups themselves are not unprecedented–the last major Community Clean-Up was Aug. 25–the weekly dedication of volunteers is.

The new Sunday morning clean-up program is organized by the Kutztown Community Partnership’s Master’s of Social Work intern Brendan Chambers.

The Safe, Clean, & Green Committee is an umbrella committee that encompasses the green efforts being made within the community and partners with Kutztown University and the Borough of Kutztown as active leaders in the neighborhood watch, or KUBoK.

In addition to keepin’ Kutztown clean, the Kutztown Community Partnership is striving to alleviate some community tensions between university students and local residents. The first week in October Kutztown University’s Women’s Rugby Team, Community Outreach volunteers, and Kappa Alpha Psi members worked with KCP representatives to clean sweep the streets. Armed with trash bags and dust pans for broken glass, the university volunteers demonstrated their commitment to Kutztown as more than just a college town. Many students, over the course of four years, come to consider Kutztown their second home and are just as agitated about the post-partying conditions of their streets as long-term residents.


During that week’s clean-up, community members thanked the Women’s Rugby team as the girls made their downtown rounds. Simultaneously, the bystanders expressed intent to take their complaints about the weekend debris to the Borough Council meeting. Team Captain Tabitha Super urged the citizens to not be too harsh, because as she stated, “We’re taking care of it!”

The next major Community Clean-Up will be held on Sunday, Nov. 3 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Afterwards volunteers are invited to a Meet & Greet at Mayor Sandy Green’s home, sponsored by Uncle Joe’s Pizza. Attendees are welcomed to partake in Uncle Joe’s donated pizza while getting to know their fellow community volunteers. The Meet & Greet is an opportunity for university members to cultivate positive relationships with long-term residents. This scheduled clean-up is in anticipation of the post-Halloween party weekend.

Kate Quinlan,