Ten unique ways to ask a friend to be in your bridal party

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Creative ways to ask your bridal party to be a part of your special day.
Submitted photo Creative ways to ask your bridal party to be a part of your special day.

Although it’s an honor to be asked to be a part of someone’s bridal party, it is an honor that comes with a big time, and sometimes financial commitment. Traditionally, this commitment is rewarded by way of a bridal party gift, a gift given at the rehearsal dinner.

However, to say “thank you” before one even accepts the honor, future brides and grooms have started a new tradition – bridal party asking gifts. This seems to be a tradition that is mostly reserved for the bridesmaids, but grooms are getting in on the clever asking action, too.

Here are ten ways that future brides and grooms are using mementos to make memories of this special part of the wedding planning process:

1. Boxes: Organized brides to be know that killing two birds with one stone is the name of the game. These clever brides have created “Maid” boxes that include themed colors and fabric, monogrammed lids, and sentimental cards asking their friends and relatives to join them on their happiest day. These boxes also happen to have all the wedding details – colors, contact information, and even schedules; grooms have given this a manly twist by using darker stained boxes and adding cigars to the mix. (Photo courtesy of Rinse Repeat blog)


2. Books: For the young flower girl or ring bearer in the party, brides and grooms have started researching children’s literature that helps this young member of the bridal party better understand what their duties will be. These books are then fashioned with an insert that includes, of course, an asking poem crafted by the couple. (Photo courtesy of Barnes and Noble)

3. Bling: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but any jewelry will do. Companies now make jewelry specifically for asking friends to be in the bridal party, but classic jewelry such as lockets, charms, or earrings will work, too. (Photo courtesy of The Pretty Peacock)

4. Ring pops: If jewelry isn’t in their budget, brides and grooms are using candy to lure in their bridal party. The couple simply places the ring pop in a box that looks similar to a jewelry box and adds a clever little tagline; bended knee is optional. (Photo courtesy of The Wedding Chicks)

5. Handkerchiefs: For a sweet, vintage touch, brides are buying floral-printed handkerchiefs and having their future bridal party members’ names, along with a sentimental poem, embroidered on the cloth; if given to the groomsmen, these handkerchiefs can also be used on the wedding day as pocket squares, too. (Photo courtesy of AllieRuth’s Etsy shop)

6. Booze: Wine and beer bottles adorned with personalized labels are popping up all over the place as practical ways to give an asking gift that also takes the edge off. (Photo courtesy of A Lacey Perspective)

7. Picture Frame: Another practical asking gift involves buying some simple frames, decorating the frames with wedding themed items, and including a personal picture of the bridal party member and the bride or groom. (Photo courtesy of PrinceWhitaker’s Etsy shop)

8. Food: Everyone loves food and most can’t turn resist a fortune cookie. Future bridal party members are “popping the question” in the form of a fortune inside the cookie. Creative brides and grooms can also find the fortune cookies in their wedding colors. (Photo courtesy of Petite25’s Etsy shop)

9. Monogramed Clothing: Team t-shirts, robes, and collared, button-up shirts are all options for a couple who wishes to adorn their future bridal party members in personalized clothing. (Photo courtesy of Alabama Weddings Magazine)

10. Creative cards: If those about to enter into wedded bliss have neither the time or the money for any of these options, then a simple card will do; a quick trip to the online shop Etsy will result in a plethora of cards geared toward these event, waiting to be customized. (Photo courtesy of LittleSloth’s Etsy shop)