Boyertown turns another leaf

Photo by Jesi Yost
Photo by Jesi Yost

You have to hand it to Turning Leaf Fall Festivalís gutsy chair for sticking to her guns late Friday evening, saying the show must go on. Really, at that point, it was a choice of what appeared to be (according to the weather forecasts) the lesser of two evils.

Saturday, Oct. 12, came and was neither lesser or evil, in fact it turned into a brilliant fall day. The Rotary 5K organizers took to the park early and found that many runners that were orginally hestitant due to the weather were waiting and ready to run.

Speakers on both festival stages crackled to life around 11 a.m. to light audiences, but, as the sunlight broke through the trees the crowds began to grow by leaps and bounds.

The Moon Bounce, Bean Bag Toss and Ring Toss games saw steady clientele and were pretty much mobbed when the Hayrides began at 2 p.m.


Word spread like wildfire when Stephanie Grace arrived at the park. Everyone was ready to take part in the Unity Walk and hopefully be included in the music video scenes shot near Ritaís.

The Festivalís favorite activities, the pumpkin painting and scarecrow making, were busy all day with each running out of supplies before the end of the day.

Food vendors like Sweet Beginnings, Dallas Fries and The Jay Walkers kept the grub flowing and no hungry festival goers were disappointed.

Stephanie Grace (one busy person on Saturday) closed out the entertainment in the bandshell with the same excitement she brought to the Unity Walk. Cheering fans clapped and sang along as the shadows grew long through the trees.

There is a certain feeling that comes with the quiet at the end of an event like this. Even though the crowds have gone the excitement hangs in the air for a while. It is in this time that organizers know that they have accomplished their goals and made people smile, at least for a little while, giving away to imagination of whatís to come next year.

The Turning Leaf Fall Committee wishes to thank not only the volunteers, vendors and musicians that made the 2013 festival the massive success it was, but the crowds of people that flocked to the parkówithout you, Turning Leaf couldnít survive.