Douglassville's Snap Fitness wins as ‘Franchise of the Year'

News photo by Emily Thiel
The facilities at Snap Fitness, Douglassville.
News photo by Emily Thiel The facilities at Snap Fitness, Douglassville.

Through dedication, sweat and perseverance, Snap Fitness, Douglassville, recently took home recognition for “Franchise of the Year.”

The Douglassville location, owned by John and Karen Stockton, opened in January 2008 and is just one of the 140 Snap Fitness clubs in the northeast and one of 1,400 clubs in the U.S. and Canada.

The Stockton’s location is just one of four locations in the United States honored with the award at the 4th annual Snap Fitness International Convention, held in Las Vegas.

According to owner John Stockton, judges look at membership, the growth of new members, retaining members, how many participate, referrals, cleanliness, member rating, and success of patrons all as part of the criteria of recognition.


“It’s the first national award . It really is quite an honor,” Stockton said.

At Snap Fitness, their focus is on getting results. Stockton stated that the number one reason people leave a gym is because they are not seeing the results they want.

“We try to get all of our members into a fitness program,” Stockton told The Southern Berks News.

When a new member first joins the gym, they have a “fitness score session” that takes 45 min. to an hour, where the member talks about their goals and reasons for joining. Everyone gets a “fit score.” In 60 days, you complete the tests again and see how much you have progressed.

The Snap Fitness, Douglassville, location has several hundred members but Stockton makes it a special point to know each member by name. “We have a very active group,” Stockton said. The clientèle ranges in age from 14 to 88 and is split pretty much down the middle with men and women members. Stockton estimates that the average age of the users are in the mid-40s.

And if the gym doesn’t see you within a period of time after you sign up, they’ll call and checkup. “We kick you in the butt.”

The gym has the typical equipment such as resistance machines, treadmills, workout balls, weights, arc trainers, upright bicycles, rowing machines and an ab caster. “Our members do a great job of keeping the equipment clean,” the owner said. The facility has an oversized rest room and tanning available but there are no showers at the location.

Small group sessions, or personal one on one training are both available options. The Snap One Fitness has four personal trainers: Bob Kauffman, Adam Schanely, Teresa Conley, and Alicia Kofke. Members have the option to meet with a trainer once a week for individualized training. A unique feature offered by the gym is the option to create your own class.

Much like Netflix, or Hulu, the gym has a touchscreen available with Fitness On Demand. Fitness On Demand offers videos of varying lengths, workout intensities and options, the user can pick what workout they or a group of them and their friends want to try and just hit the button.

Automatically - a public gym becomes a personal workout experience. The room has a large video screen that emerges from the ceiling, paired with two speakers, the video loads and your workout begins. “The key is to get people participating,” Stockton said.

The facility never has the lights off, as they “want this place to always be inviting.” As safety precautions, the location is always locked. Members receive an electronic key to get into the facility at their convenience. There are closed circuit security cameras on the premises, as well as emergency buttons on the wall. There is also an emergency necklace the patrons can wear, if they feel more comfortable.

The security is tested monthly and the Stocktons have not yet had a situation where it was needed.

The facility is not staffed for their full day of operation, but it is guaranteed that there is a staff member present from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and from noon to 2 p.m. on the weekends. “Myself or own of the staff are here other times as well,” Stockton said.

Some advice from the owner - “You can’t out exercise poor nutrition. Moderation is the key.”The components of success is to include both cardiovascular and weight resistance in your workout, eat proper nutrition, and ask yourself how often are you doing the workout and with what intensity.

“Between your own exercise plan, the one on one trainings, and following proper diet and nutrition... all the items that will help you achieve what you want to,” Stockton said.