Boyertown Jaycees 61st Halloween Parade winners announced

Photos by Rebecca Blanchard
Photos by Rebecca Blanchard

The Boyertown Jaycees 61st Halloween Parade will be held on Saturday Oct. 19, commencing at 7 p.m. Formation began at the Boyertown Elementary School, Boyertown Junior High School West and Federal-Mogul parking lots.

WRFY 9102.5 (FM) was the MC for the parade this year.

This year’s parade route remained the same as previous years. The route began at Second and Madison Streets, north to Philadelphia Avenue to south on Reading Avenue, east on Third, south on Monroe Street and east on Second Street.

In an effort to help The Boyertown Area Multi-Service restock their food pantry for the upcoming holidays, Boy Scout Troop 36, St. Luke Lutheran Church, was collecting pantry items along the parade route.


The food pantry supplies food to many of our friends and neighbors in need without our community. The rising cost of food and the expanding list of people requesting service is challenging their resources however, with the community’s help, the Scouts can help the Boyertown area community.

As Boy Scouts, their motto is ‘To do a good turn daily!’ to do something because it is the right thing to do. And so the youth and adult members of Troop 36 are asking you to do you ‘good turn’ to help the community.

The results for the parade are as follows:


First place - 250

Second place - 235

Third place - 232

Fourth place - 207

Drill and Baton

First place - 160

Second place - 120

Third place - 170

Fourth place - 409

Scouting Unit

First place - 425

Second place - 215

Third place - 213

Fourth place - 220

Costumed Group

First place - 797

Second place - 794

Third place - 799

Fourth place - 322


First place - 798

Second place - 792

Third place - 793

Fourth place - 786

Most original

First place - 802

Second place - 785

Third place - C290

Fourth place - 289


First place - C400

Prizes can be picked up at the Boyertown Borough Hall, 100 S. Washington Street, Boyertown, Pa., on Saturday, Oct. 29, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Any questions, call Brandon Yoder at 610-310-8497.

Information provided by the Boyertown Jaycees and Boy Scout Troop 36.

Editor’s note: The Boyertown Times did reach out the Jaycees for the names of the organizations. They were unable to provide us with this information.