Mike Lunn inducted into the Tri-County Hall of Fame

Former Pottstown and Gilbertsville resident, and retired Boyertown gym teacher, Mike Lunn was in Montana on a fishing trip when a friend called him to congratulate him for his induction into the Tri-County Hall of Fame. That was the first he heard about that.

Lunn was a member of a PottstownHigh School baseball team that over four years won 48 games in a row. He was an assistant wrestling coach at Pottstown and Boyertown, before taking over as Boyertown Highs head wrestling coach when Roy Cubbler retired from coaching. On Saturday October 12, Lunn, along with Brian Campbell, Marvin Whitehurst, Jeff Rinehimer, Jamee Fizz, Elizabeth Elliott Deal, Larry Seder, John Jay Nash and Stan Glenn were inducted into the Tri-County Hall of Fame at the Elks Club in Pottstown.

I was surprised because I havent played or coached for a long time, said Lunn. Its something I didnt expect.

Lunn thought that the event was very nice and people who organized the event did a great job.


It was fun seeing old friends. When you have 200 people attending, there are a lot of people that you know, said Lunn. Theyre connected to sports. and when there connected to sports, you all know each other, or you know of each other. Its fun to get together.

Of course, Lunn had his family there - his wife Janice, along with his daughters Allison and Chris (and Chriss husband Mike, and their two children Nathan and Jenna). Nathan and Jenna were there and you could tell that they were happy for me, said Lunn. They appreciated the whole night. They thought it was special. I was very happy to see them there.

As stated earlier Lunn was a member of a Pottstown baseball team that won 48 in a row. a fact nobdoy on the team realized until later. Lunn noted that the coaches knew about the record, but didnt want to say anything about it because they didnt want the players to think about it, or feel that there was pressure on them. When Lunn and his teammates realized what they accomplished, it was almost shocking to them.

It was a real thrill to hear that and we broke a national record. We were so happy, said Lunn. It would have been a thrill for us either way, but its kind of nice to be surprised like that.

That was really a great experience after that, said Lunn. They had a banquet for us, and the whole town raised money and flew up to New York. They took us over to Cooperstown where a ceremony was held for us. That was quite a thrill. That was my first time in Cooperstown.

I think I was always lucky because from the time I started playing baseball, I thought I played for really good coaches, said Lunn. We had really good teams and I enjoyed it. It was always fun.

Lunn didnt wrestle in high school, because at the time, high schools didnt have wrestling programs. The only school to have a wrestling program was The Hill School. He took wrestling as a gym class at West Chester University.

When he taught at Pottstown, the school needed an assistant wrestling coach so Lunn took the spot. He coached with Lee Bonner ,who was a very successful coach at Pottstown High. Lunn served as an assistant coach for 15 years between Pottstown and Boyertown, before taking over as head coach for the Bears.

He has many favorite memories when it comes to coaching, but one of his best was coaching Kevin Mitchell, Boyertowns first wrestler to make it to the state tournament. He

I was happy for him because he worked so hard, said Lunn.

Lunn really appreciates being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Mike isnt one to think of personal accolades. His goal was to win and to make his kids better wrestlers..

You hope you do well, you hope you play well and you hope you coach well, said Lunn. When its all over, and someone else says to you we appreciate what you did,then I think you appreciate it.

Phil Haddad is a free lance writer for the Times. You can follow him on Twitter @writersprtsBT.