Borough Council candidates share goals, hopes for Kutztown's future

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Kutztown Borough Council candidates share their goals and hopes for Kutztown’s future.

Margaret “Peggy” Devlin, running for Malcolm Eidle’s seat on Council, has lived in Kutztown since 1991.

“Now, that I am retired, I feel I should do something for the community. Serving on the Borough Council is a good way to do this,” Devlin wrote to The Patriot.

“My goal is simple: to work with the members of Borough Council to find the best solutions to problems facing Kutztown that enable the community to continue to thrive. It is a great place to live and I want it to stay that way.”

She has no political experience but served as the Dean of Library Services at Kutztown University for 14 years, managing a large collection, a variety of services, a budget of more than $2,500,000 and a full-time staff of 25, Devlin wrote to The Patriot during the Primaries.

“In this position, I held a leadership position on several university-wide committees including being chair of the University’s Strategic Planning Committee. In addition, I was president of three regional professional library organizations and served on the board of the Pennsylvania Library Association, a statewide organization.”

Devlin hopes her skills will be useful to the Borough Council.

Incumbent candidates are Derek Mace and Kevin Snyder, the later of which currently serves as Borough Council President.

“One of my duties as President is to sign checks. This gives me a unique perspective on how much money it actually costs to run our Borough and how we spend it,” Snyder wrote to The Patriot.

Snyder has served on Borough Council for the past six years. He is a life-long resident of 61 years and a Main Street business owner for 41 years. He owns Adam & Eve.

“I love Kutztown!!”

His goals are to “work to ensure Kutztown remains a safe place to live and continue to provide all utilities and services at the lowest cost possible to our residents.”

His hope for Kutztown’s future is to see “Kutztown Council, Maxatawny Supervisors and Kutztown University officials continue to work together to make this area a great place to live, work and play.”

Mace has served on council since 2009.

“Kutztown has a history of self-reliance that really appeals to me. I’d like to help us retain the independent and unique culture of the borough,” Mace wrote to The Patriot.

His hope for Kutztown’s future is to see an increase in the number of families calling Kutztown Borough their home.

“Kutztown has treated my family very well since moving here in 2007. I want others to share in this walkable community full of interesting people and opportunities.”

Mace said, “To make Kutztown work for more families, we need to keep living costs low but also maintain high quality services. This is a tricky balance that requires constant attention. Residents can help with this and other issues by joining one of the various committees of the borough. The reality is, we’re a better borough when more people are directly involved in local governance.”

Precinct 2 Kutztown Borough candidates

Mayor D 4 year term Sandra K. Green of Kutztown

Member Of Council D 4 year term Margaret “Peggy” K. Devlin of Kutztown

D 4 year term Derek Mace of Kutztown

R 4 year term Kevin Snyder of Kutztown

Tax Collector D 4 year term Brenda S. Bailey of Kutztown

Inspector Of Election R 4 year term Doris B. Schlenker of Kutztown

R 4 year term Sandra Fenstermacher of Kutztown

D 4 year term Joline Stein of Kutztown

Judge Of Election R 4 year term Virginia Grim of Kutztown

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