Jack Mattera: November student intern of the month

November's Twin Valley Student Intern of the Month is junior Jack Mattera. Photo provided

November’s Intern of the Month is Twin Valley High School junior Jack Mattera, who interns at the Westtown East Goshen Police and is mentored by Mrs. Kathy Brill.

Mattera spends his morning at the Westtown East Goshen Police station reviewing and filing cases into the police station’s database system.

“Jack has been a true asset to the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department,” Brill said. He enjoys reading the cases and has learned a lot about the work that goes into being a policeman.

Mattera finds detective and police work fascinating and would like to pursue this interest as a career. He is thinking about going to the police academy and pictures himself as a detective in ten years. Brill sees a bright future ahead for Mattera.


“Jack was quick to learn the job and everyone enjoys having him work for our department,” commented Brill.

Mattera was invited into the 9-1-1 operating room and had the opportunity to listen to incoming calls. He recalls that this experience was one of the most eye-opening and interesting so far at his internship. Mattera is looking forward to the rest of his time with the Goshen Police station and cannot wait to see where his career may go from here.