Southern Rock Band The Outlaws perform in Kempton Nov. 17

The Outlaws
The Outlaws
The Outlaws
The Outlaws

Get ready, Kempton, the thundering sounds of one of the premier Southern Rock Bands of all time is about to come galloping onto the stage at the Kempton Music Center. The Outlaws are set to hit Kempton on Nov. 17 wielding blazing guitars and spot on three part vocal harmony.

The Outlaws are known for blazing guitar work and three part harmony vocals, write The Outlaws to The Patriot. The band puts a lot of emotion, heart, and energy into their performance. The audience responds to that consistently.

Their hope for the audience in Kempton is That they recognize the bands sincerity and commitment.

The Outlaws formed in 1972 and hit the Southern Rock scene playing alongside other heavy hitters such as Lynyrd Skyrnyrd, The Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels and The Marshall Tucker Band. In this era The Outlaws produced such as There Goes Another Love Song, Green Grass & High Tides and personal favorite Ghost Riders in the Sky.


Even though the tragic loss of three of the original members, legal fights over music rights and other issues have taken up more of their time than they would have liked, The Outlaws have found time to get into the studio and record a new album. Its about Pride is the product of four years in the studio and has the sound and feel of what made The Outlaws the force in Southern Rock that they are. As their recorded music goes so do their live performances, putting the same emotion, heart and energy as The Outlaws of yesterday, The Outlaws of today take pride in delivering the type of performances expected by the diehards and new fans as well.

Recently Southern Rock has been experiencing a surge in popularity with bands like Dickey Betts, Marshall Tucker and Lynyrd Skynyrd playing in the area. You have to look behind the scenes to the venues that bring these acts to the masses. People like Rob Hunt at Flagship Music Productions who is responsible for bringing The Outlaws to The Kempton Music Center. Providing a superior act, at an awesome facility, close to home is his goal and from what we can tell hes hit a trifecta!

Growing up,The Outlaws were a driving force in the Southern Rock scene and were always exciting to see live, said Hunt of Flagship Music Productions.

The energy they will bring to the audience. I have received many messages that people are happy to have this level of entertainment in the area. Plus income to the community, said Hunt.

Hunt hopes the audience will be treated to one of the most popular Southern Rock Bands of our time. The reason we are doing these shows is simple, we have a beautiful facility and people dont have to drive long distances to see national acts.

Doors at 5 p.m. Opening act Citizens Band Radio performs at 6 p.m. Outlaws perform at 8 p.m. at the all ages event.

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